Photo of cup of coffee with red heart

You can deliver joy bean by bean. How? Read on, friend!

Coffee can be a wonderful overload to our senses. It starts with the sound of the brewer as it trickles and seeps through the dark coffee grounds. Then, the sweet perfumed aroma sifts through to greet us to another day. Perhaps sipped groggily from a favorite beat-up mug, it fuels us as we shuffle about in the morning.

Coffee can bring bright giggles in a noisy café as you reminisce with an old friend. It can be a warming comfort when you shed tears together with a loved one in a quiet corner. It awakens memories even from childhood, when coffee was what the “grown ups” were drinking.

Throughout your days, your thoughts turn to friends and loved ones you want to be with, right? You want to let them know they are important. You want to reach forward with a touch and ask, “How are you doing?”

Let’s connect those senses, memories, friends, and moments you have. Let’s partner together and spread some fun with a pleasant surprise!

For every $35.00 USD donation you make to Omega Espresso Bar, we will send a care package of our signature coffee blend to your special someone. It’ll arrive with a note inside that says “You’ve been beaned by (your name here)!,” along with a short message from you.

Click here now to make your donation. Meanwhile, we’ll get the beans rolling in the right direction!

Coffee can be fun. And it goes perfectly with relationships—hand in hand. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of sharing both with you and your loved ones.