Generosity and Support

Empowering Women to Achieve Sustainable Life

To best serve our women and the community, Omega has partnered with other non-profit organizations and churches in the area. Through these partnerships, we ensure that the women we serve have access to the resources needed to equip them for success.

We would also like to thank the following organizations for their generosity and support as we move forward in achieving our God-given dream:

Divine Threads

Divine Threads is honored to partner with Omega. Over our years of working together, they have served many of our interns, taking time to get to know each individual, the circumstances they are in, and their skill sets. You will never meet two more caring, engaged women than Susie and Janna. Their compassion and love for each person they serve is evident, not only as they dialogue with each intern, but also providing resources for each woman’s needs regarding employment. It has been our joy to not only work with Omega but also to call these women our friends

Divine Threads partners with Omega in Portland, OR

Intent Coffee Roasting

Where would we be without Mark Johnson? Well, we’d be drinking water and not coffee! Mark has perfectly picked every bean to make Omega Blend Coffee. Intent Coffee Roasters is also an internship partner for our interns located on the Eastside of Portland, Oregon USA.

Here’s what Mark has to say about his company:

“Intent Coffee Roasting started in 2012 in Portland, Oregon because we believe that coffee can change lives. From a cup of freshly roasted beans brewed perfectly to farmers investing in their crops and workers, coffee can and should do more. We invest 30% of our profits towards community development projects in coffee-growing regions and are currently purchasing water filters that will last a lifetime for families in Nicaragua.”

Well and Good; A delicious dish

“ We are a place that wants you to feel welcomed, relaxed, and at peace with coffee and food that you will remember. A place to explore friendships and business partner relationships or a place to become secluded to accomplish the day’s tasks at hand.”

Omega is thrilled to be partnering with Well & Good Coffee House, working with their lovely staff and in their restaurant space to provide a safe environment for our interns.

Lionheart Coffee Company

Lionheart Coffee Company supports those who are working locally and internationally to help them provide food, clean water, shelter, and emergency services. Lionheart highlights that humanitarian work in their coffee shop. They promote volunteer and service opportunities, and they donate a percentage of their profit to these community-minded organizations.

Our partnership with Lionheart Coffee Company is simple: they love people and so do we. They offer a safe environment for our interns and we are forever grateful.