About Omega

Women Supporting Women

Omega is a bridge that helps women shift life’s direction and push onward to a positive future. Women that participate in and complete the Omega program rely on community support to achieve their goals and obtain lifelong stability. We step in and help fill the gaps that may be missing in a woman’s work history, while also providing one-on-one counseling and support to ensure success.

At the heart of Omega, you will find strength, love, and kindness bred from an understanding that only comes from life experiences. Our founders and mentors have faced many of the same hardships that women in our community face, including alcoholism, addiction, domestic violence, poor work history, and other challenges.

At Omega, we know that rock bottom only ends when you stop digging. Omega provides the chance to put down the shovel and climb the ladder up and out of these dark places.

Our Team

Helping women move forward

Omega is governed by a dedicated group of volunteer Board of Directors. We would not exist without the vision, passion, and skills each person brings to this team.