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How to Contribute

Helping women move forward

Each woman who comes to Omega is unwavering in her desire to persevere. She knows the hurt of pain and failure, but she is determined to change her story.

That’s GRIT!

She believes that darkness will no longer hold her and that the new life offered by her Father is life changing.

That’s Grace!

She goes against the odds & statistics and believes that with Him, all things are possible. He created her beautiful and she chooses to live in that truth. It takes vulnerability, humility and hope. She believes each step out of fear is worth the hope He offers.

Thank you for committing to the mission of Omega’s monthly giving program, Grit and Grace. Your monthly gift makes an enormous difference in the lives of our interns.

Giving Options


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Provides things such as mentorship before an intern starts her work day. This time is used to guide, counsel and cheerlead the intern offering her prayer, hope and confidence!

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Provides things such as on-the-job training, teaching the needed skills and confidence for her future.

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Creates an entire internship opportunity, giving one woman the opportunity she needs to become independent and the chance to build job skills to pursue her path of success.