Word art of #givingtuesday 2018

Caffeine! Coffee! Both are measured in “shots” of espresso.

“More is better!” you say? Well, amen to all you coffee drinkers! Raise your mug, savoring a slurp with us.

We at Omega Espresso Bar measure our impact in a woman’s life with words—words like “hope,” “care,” “love,” and “kindness.”

The saying “More is better!” fits here also: two more interns are currently working, feeling hopeful, and seeing progress in their lives because of your partnership and involvement!

“Jan” is able to step outside of her busy home. She is acquiring customer service skills while rubbing shoulders with others who pour into Jan the truth of her value.

“Val” is supplementing her small income. She is developing different skills from her prior profession while learning how to serve others well.

During this season of giving, we are participating in the #givingtuesday movement. It is a US nationwide reminder to take the time to give. (Think of Cyber Monday or Black Friday in reverse).

We are asking if you’d consider giving an additional amount to Omega Espresso Bar. You can allow women who come from fragile or compromised backgrounds to experience hope and remember that they matter.

If you’re able to give these women an extra “shot,” click on one of the three items below to give your gift securely:

One Shot of $10 pays for their official food handlers card.

A Double Shot of $25 pays for their transportation to work.

A Quad shot of $100 pays for two of their work shifts.

Your gift makes you a BIG SHOT to us, and we appreciate you.