Photo of Omega Espresso Bar coffee bag

Omega Espresso Bar’s coffee is now available in limited quantities. Get yours today!


As we approach the season of Thanksgiving, we want to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to you, our supporters.

We are humbled and we are thankful.

You have faithfully walked beside us.

Because of your prayers and generosity we are able to move forward. Our newly refined mission statement, “Empowering Women to Achieve Sustainable Life” continues to take shape and form. Stay tuned as we reveal more in the coming months.


Intent Coffee Roasting has been one of our cheerleaders from the start. They have lovingly crafted our very own Omega Espresso Blend, refining the flavour and roasting it to perfection. We are happy to announce that it is now available, and we’re inviting you to get early access to this extra special blend of coffee.

Here’s how you can brew up a perfect cup of warmth and energy, while making a difference in the lives of some precious women in need of healing and hope:

For every $50.00 USD donation that you make to Omega Espresso Bar during the months of November and December 2014, we will send you a complimentary bag of our Omega Espresso Blend, valued at $20.00 USD.

Click here to make a $50.00 USD contribution and claim your complimentary bag of Omega Espresso Blend coffee now!

You fuel our mission and vision. That truly brings us joy. In return, we’re delighted to give this symbolic (and delicious) gift to you.

Thank you!

P.S. Perhaps you might consider making an extra $50.00 USD contribution or two so you can give Omega Espresso Blend coffee as house-warming or Christmas gifts. Share your good taste and vision of hope with others!