name 2Omega Espresso Bar. The name Omega comes from many texts and many ‘thinks’ (as Dr. Seuss would say) of what in the world does one call a coffee shop? And after bouncing around some ideas one Sunday morning, we settled on Omega. The espresso part should be obvious. And the bar? Well, we just wanted to be hip.

Omega means the “ending of a series or sequence.” We want Omega Espresso Bar to be the end of a woman’s struggle to find a niche in the working world. A place where the past is her springboard to a hopeful future.

Additionally, Omega is the name of a beautiful orphan in Uganda that stole our hearts. It was a privilege to meet her and her ‘family’ and know that she is cared for and if it wasn’t for an opportunity to be in a place where she is safe and loved, she might not have hope. It is our desire to bring that hope and love to a little coffee shop.

So now you know.