At Omega, we are staying focused on our mission; empowering women to achieve sustainable life. We have the honor of walking alongside women who are ready for a change in their life. Often their journey isn’t what they planned, and they can’t figure out the next step. But they seek help with hope. The bravery of each woman to reach out to Omega inspires us. The women we meet are often referred to us through other organizations such as Divine Threads or Domestic Violence Resource Center. The partnership with other organizations allows connections and fills specific needs. Omega is one next step in bringing hope through job skill training and one on one mentorship.

Recently we’ve been connecting with possible interns as more organizations can meet in person. We were meeting via Zoom with one woman who came to Omega through her counselor. While she wasn’t ready to meet in person, just seeing a friendly face on the screen and having a listening ear was a step of confidence toward continued healing. These steps might seem small to some; however, they are enormous to others.

Our partnership with Divine Threads allows a specific connection. Omega is contacted when one of their guests requests resume help or shows interest in our paid internship program. Last week we met a lovely woman who was getting a makeover. She was greeted by a friendly stylist, who then brought her a wardrobe of work clothes to try on and take home. We got to witness “Kate” as she saw her own reflection in a new light, one filled with beauty and hope. While she didn’t yet need an internship with Omega, she needed cheerleaders. Just knowing a team of women willing to walk with her through the following season was an encouragement.

Each woman has a different journey, but each woman we meet is taking a vital step. We are humbled by the opportunity to be invited into a small part of their walk. And we are humbled by your support and walking with Omega.