Photo of OEB coffee bags in boxes

Omega Espresso Bar has been busy sending joy through its “You’ve Been Beaned!” coffee gift program.

Like you, we’ve been bustling during the busy holiday season. We’ve been reflecting on the events of 2015. As we continue in our daily lives and careers, we are mindful and purposed in keeping our hearts clearly focused on what Christmas is truly about.

Difficult to do sometimes, isn’t it?

Yet—in the quiet of the day—we remember with grateful hearts many meaningful conversations we have had with others.

With some, we shared our vision for Omega Espresso Bar.

With others, we discovered that we’re on a mission similar to theirs.

There was that amazing evening we spent with some dear street kids, serving them a hot meal and hearing a little about their life stories.

We got a chance to work alongside Union Gospel Mission on one of their outreach programs in Portland, Oregon USA.

It’s been inspiring to rub shoulders with some wonderful people and organizations who are working behind the scenes, out of the limelight, bringing hope to those in need.

We thank you all for the encouragement and support you continue to give to Omega Espresso Bar. Great things are on the horizon. While the official “shop” is not yet open, we are still connecting the dots, still working hard to set a firm foundation for OEB.

Our focus remains clear: “Empowering Women to Achieve Sustainable Life.”

By the way, time is almost up on the “You’ve Been Beaned!” campaign. Check it out here, and pass along not just a gift of coffee but also Omega Espresso Bar’s vision.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!