The dictionary defines the word verge as:

(vurj) noun: the point beyond which something begins or occurs.

As you know, some verges are difficult. Others are welcome.

Image of daffodils in the spring snow

We are on the verge of the spring season here in Oregon USA. Seems like we were just watching snowflakes fall outside our windows. Now, it’s time for clipping fragrant daphne as we anticipate daffodils that are almost bursting inside their tight, sunny petals.

I’ve got friends who have been on the verge of much lately. They’re moving to a new state and a new stage of their lives. As they pack up their home, they fill box after box with memories. The change of address wasn’t expected, but they wondered if it might happen.

Does that make it easier or harder? Hmm…

Other friends are waiting for their verge. They feel like they’re moving backward rather than ahead. What was once comfortable and perhaps even mundane is now a place of unrest and unsettled emotions.

Life does that. Life surprises, placing us on the verge of bitter cold and the warming sun.



In the past few months, we’ve witnessed this truth in our sweet interns. Once, their lives seemed normal and seemingly comfortable. Yet now, it’s unsettling for them. They are beginning to realize that the abuse they have endured both poisons and destroys.

In stark contrast, Omega Espresso Bar has the honor of working with partners like Divine Threads and Domestic Violence Resource Center to collectively bring hope and healing. (We’ll be sharing more about these exciting partnerships at our upcoming 2019 Luncheon. Please join us!)

As we mentor a woman right now who is considering her next season, she is weighing what once was against what can be. She’s on the verge: something new and hopeful is on her horizon. She can leave the self-loathing titles and the unspeakable experiences behind.

And still, she is full of questions and natural fear.

From our perspective, we can see beyond, to the other side for her, even though she’s not yet there. She’s still trying to settle in with the new. She is boxing up her past, hopeful yet apprehensive about what lies ahead.

It is an honor to walk through this space alongside her. It is beautiful. We are grateful to see her growth and we smile with her at her bright future.

If that sunny daffodil stayed under the snowy ground, we couldn’t appreciate its beauty!