It is with the early hint of spring that one starts to think of all the possibilities of the coming summer season.

As the first flowers pop into view and the grass turns lush green, there is hope for sunny skies (and maybe even a tinge of color on my pale shoulders!) The tease of warm weather and its fun bring smiles. This season is full of expectations: among them weekend trips and the probable list of projects to conquer.

Yet the anticipation of what is to come sometimes keeps us from enjoying the here and now. The future draws us ahead, making restless days of the present.

But with time comes wisdom. And wisdom seeks counsel.

The Omega Espresso Bar team have been active and actively listening. We’ve been utilizing what we have in the present. As we anticipate the possibility of our own retail space in the future, we are joyfully partnering with other local coffee shops right now who share our mission of bringing hope.

A highlight of this season for Omega Espresso Bar is our upcoming Women’s Brunch.

image of table settings

Please join us!

We are carefully attending to all the details to make it a special morning for you.  We are excited to share with you the “behind the scenes” of this season!

We’ll bring you up to speed on Omega Espresso Bar’s Pilot Program, now in progress. And you’ll hear sweet stories of lives already changed and what is to come.


Please email us at and we’ll give you the details so you can RSVP.

We’re looking forward to being with you!