Have you ever seen yourself on the front page of a newspaper?

The experience is a little strange, as we have come to find out. We feel a teeny-weeny bit like celebrities!

Image of Janna Kainos and Susie Cottis holding newspaper
Janna Kainos and Susie Cottis of Omega Espresso Bar

There are many reasons one could show up on the front page. Happily in our case, the Tigard-Tualatin Times is highlighting Omega Espresso Bar’s mission.

Being “in front” brings conflicting mental images. For example, the front line in a battle is a harrowing place. But, being in the front row at a concert is awesome! It all depends on context, doesn’t it?

To be “up front” with you, here’s what is happening in the context of Omega Espresso Bar:

We continue to build deep connections, both new and familiar. Just this week, we had a series of meaningful back-to-back meetings.

First, we sat at the table once again with one of our interns. She is always ready and waiting for us, her coffee in hand. Smiling, she told us, “Work yesterday was great. I really enjoy working with everyone, and I am very grateful I was given the opportunity for this.”

So sweet. We’re pleased to have front row privileges as we foster her growth.

Next, we met with Rebekah Stine of Western Psychological & Counseling Services who works with domestic abuse survivors. Dreaming with us for their bright future, she has in mind two of her clients who may intern with Omega Espresso Bar.

Rebekah is on the front line, in the trenches with them. She offers hope in the midst of their great struggles. What a thrill to link arms with her and surround others with love.

Afterwards (so many cups of coffee that day), we caught up with our very first intern. As we laughed with her about her little boy’s antics, she brought joy to our hearts. She has such a sweet personality, and is growing more and more mature.

Once again, we get a front row seat. Oh, the view is spectacular: seeing her and our other interns flourish!

Our day wrapped up with a moving conversation with a mom and a dad. They are on the front line together, working to save their lovely daughter. She is caught in an ugly trap of her past. Together with our partners, we offer them resources and solutions.

Sometimes, we all just need to be reminded that there is true hope: whether you’re on the front line, in the front row, or even on the front page.

Image of outtakes collage

Omega Espresso Bar has the privilege of sharing in this journey with so many. We continue to develop these new partnerships. We get to meet survivors. We hear their inspiring stories of transformation.

It all makes us a bit giddy. Most of all, it’s an honor. We seek to serve with the expertise we have earned and the gifts we have been given.

We look back on this past year with humble excitement. We look to the future with palpable anticipation.

Thank you for making it possible for Omega Espresso Bar to be in front.