Headshot image of Chuck Gatewood

Chuck Gatewood serves on the board of Omega Espresso Bar

Editor’s Note: This article is the seventh in a series written by the members of Omega Espresso Bar’s Board of Directors. Each one will be answering questions or sharing why he or she is committed to playing a vital role in Omega’s story as it unfolds.

OEB: Who are you?

Chuck: My name is Chuck Gatewood. Together with my wife, Julie, I serve on Omega Espresso Bar’s board.

OEB: What draws you to be a part of Omega Espresso Bar’s cause?

Chuck: For years, I’ve served on various boards. I enjoy the interactions that stem from serving together as a team. Where there is a common goal and everyone pitches in to achieve it, there is a sense of satisfaction. And there’s real joy when that team effort goes into something that shows God’s love in action—like Omega Espresso Bar does.

Julie and I both love that through our service on the board, we get to bring hope and a future to young women in dire circumstances. We draw from our individual skill sets, work and life experiences to help guide OEB as it fulfills its mission.

OEB: What comes to mind when you think about the potential for Omega Espresso Bar’s impact?

Chuck: Two things: opportunity and relationship. Let me elaborate.

Everyone makes choices in life that they later regret. I know I’ve made my share of bad decisions. I’ve watched friends do the same. My brother-in-law used to live out on the streets and spent some time in jail. He’s out now, and beginning to enjoy a fruitful life. He was given another chance by people that believed in him and saw his potential.

That’s what we want to be able to provide for the women who come in contact with OEB: another chance. We can affirm them. We can show them that they are loved. They get to see what healthy relationships look like. We can assist them as they work hard to develop skills to get them back on their feet. It’s an opportunity for them to gain self-esteem, to live healthy lives, and to experience God’s love.

I have two daughters. I want them to have people in their lives who will bring a positive influence and help mentor them with wisdom and love. What a privilege to help Omega create these same healthy relationships for other young women.

OEB: Anything else you’d like to share?

Chuck: When I think of what we at Omega can do to transform a life, it reminds me of my friend and fellow OEB board member, Janna Kainos.

Over the past several years I have watched her grow more alive. Her spirit continues to blossom. Why? Janna knows she is loved. It’s not just because of the love of her friends. She’s growing because of her relationship with Jesus Christ.

I can’t wait to see other young ladies experience this same life-changing love of God in action!