As I look back at my career in law enforcement, I can’t help but compare it to the journey many Omega interns face.

Let me explain. In 2006 I decided to become a reserve for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. It took a lot of hard work from me, and encouragement from my wife. A few years later I made the decision to apply for a full-time position with another Sheriff’s Office. Once I was accepted, I excitedly started in the program. Yet in a short period of time, I began struggling with an important aspect of my training, which was report writing. No matter how much work I put into it, I still struggled. After 5 short months, I was given the choice to resign or to be let go. What?!!  I took this very hard. I began to question if I was meant to be a sheriff. I felt defeated and was sure I let my family down. I let myself down.

A few years later I was encouraged to apply at a different police department. How exciting! After a lot of prayer and talking with my wife, I felt it was what the Lord wanted me to do. After intense training at the state academy, I passed with no problem and was I very encouraged! I finally did it!! But soon my struggle with report writing was happening again. After almost a year I was given the same choice; resign or be let go. I thought I was disappointed before, but this time it hit me so much harder. Once again, the feeling came over me that I was letting my family and myself down.  I had a hard time just getting out of bed.  I was so hurt and disappointed. I lost hope even though my wife encouraged me and reminded me that she was in my corner. If I had not had her and my family’s support, I’m not sure how long it would have taken me to get back up, dust myself off and push on.

I’m sure the women who come to Omega experience many of those same feelings I did. Feelings of discouragement, embarrassment, shame, failure, or disappointment. Perhaps they tried to find stability but lack the skills for a job they desire. Family and friends encourage them, but still they struggle. They come to Omega with a determination to leave behind a lifestyle of addiction, limited job skills, or domestic violence, but their self-esteem had been beaten down and they need direction to move out of despair and into hope.

In many situations these strong women do not have anyone in their corner to help pick them up, to pray with them and encourage them. You, as the team of Omega, see that it is vital to offer these women a chance for hope, allowing them to see their own potential. Through Omega’s paid internship program, our mentors and the staff at the coffee shops invest in these women. We remind them of the truth of their value. We offer the opportunity to change their life and we remind them that they are created for a purpose.

We are so happy to team up with partnering coffee shops like Lionheart Coffee and Well & Good who answer the same calling. The staff give encouragement, acceptance, patience, and most of all love to these women. Through the opportunities offered and the women’s own determination these interns gain the ability to greet each day with hope. Each woman has a team of people who love them just where they are and walk with them through their individual journey.

Thank you for your support in prayer, financially and your time.  It is truly an encouragement to the Omega team, but mostly to the women who seek support.

“You give me hope”. A quote from current intern.