Fall to me feels like a pause button.

It’s that weird space that allows the changes happening in the in-between. It is not quite hot, but we’ve exchanged our flip-flops for loafers, and our tank tops for light sweaters here in Oregon USA. We haven’t yet taken out our heavy coats, but they are ready and waiting in the closet.

This season of fall allows for the last of the sunny, warm days while looking ahead and preparing for the cool rain and wind. It’s the coming season of change.

Image of autumn leaves in hands

As we flip our calendars ahead, the team of Omega Espresso Bar has a few things up our long sweater sleeves.

But first, we’ll pause and share how you have impacted women’s lives these past few months.

Janna and I (Susie Cottis) are meeting weekly with a lovely young woman, “Anne,” (not her real name) before her shift at one of our partnering coffee shops. She is excited to be working, and while only 17 years old, she is one year sober!

What a joy to meet with Anne and hear her say she “has hope.” That hope has taken counseling and much determination, but she is joyful for the future. She has a team on her side that supports and challenges her to be the woman she is called to be.

Another of our interns, “Darcy,” (not her real name) is finishing up her ten-week, phase one journey. She meets weekly with a mentor from Omega Espresso Bar. She has landed a job at a coffee shop outside of the OEB program.

Here’s a quote from Darcy’s mentor, Michelle:

“She is truly remarkable. She is very excited to get to know God and His character. She’s a gem, really. She’s well-equipped for this coffee thing!”

The exciting part of Darcy’s story is that she and Michelle will continue meeting even after the official internship is complete. What a valuable, beautiful relationship.

We’re also checking in on our former interns. We love keeping in touch, hearing updates about their jobs, children, and their challenges. Because life continues to be difficult for each of them, having someone in their corner brings them hope and encouragement.

Along with you, our OEB team, we get to include our coffee shop partners, our supporters, and other organizations that lead us to future interns. Thank you!

As I mentioned earlier, Omega Espresso Bar is planning a few things this fall.

Our partnership with Mission Increase has taught us much, and we look forward to learning more. We’ll be taking a seminar to keep “in the know” on running a non-profit organization successfully.

Another development is our #GivingTuesday campaign. It will be taking place on December 3rd this year. As you may already know, #Giving Tuesday is a world-wide movement of giving back to worthy causes, big and small. It is an international day of charitable giving at the beginning of the Christmas season.

If you’d like to join us in a service project we are planning, please reach out to us. We’d love to include you.

Be watching for more information on how you can participate financially with us through #GivingTuesday, as well as through year-end giving.

This pausing and planning is a joy. We get to see and share with you the sweet stories of our interns and their journeys of life-change.

What a beautiful season!