We are designed for relationship.

Recently, I began a job at a coffee shop. It was the first big leap into our new community after moving away from family & friends, and the first adventure into the changed world from the Covid-19 pandemic. As each day unfolded I became more and more aware of the reality of how important human interaction and community is in our lives. I was struck by how much my heart and mind had atrophied and become starved for connection. As I handed cups of coffee to people and took a moment to look into their eyes and “meet” them briefly, I found my heart and mind waking up and filling with much joy. Many customers come regularly and those brief moments have blossomed into knowing them on a deeper level. Many of them are imbedded in my heart now. I also discovered how life giving it has been to develop relationships, be encouraged and cheered on by my co-workers!

As I pondered how this job has nurtured my heart and mind, I thought about our Omega interns and how their lives have missed so many opportunities to feel connected and have community. Many have not known the joy of being surrounded by people, who care about them, encourage them, and build their confidence. People who will look into their eyes and “meet” them where they are. To be seen and cared for. I am so thankful to be a part of something that is critically essential to how our Creator designed us. We are designed for relationship.

Omega, and its partnering coffee shops, have the opportunity to come alongside interns as a vital community that cheers and cares for them! One that helps them find an internal strength they may never have known before. One that encourages them toward a life that is, not only sustainable, but also one including great joy from connection with others.

You too have the opportunity to join us in their community by donating toward a 10-week internship and/or by visiting one of the partnering coffee shops our interns work in. Allow them to hand you a cup of coffee, look into your eyes and “meet” you for a moment. Allow them to know the joy of a community that cheers and cares for them!