Women Shaking Hands

Ready…Steady…GO! This aptly describes the journey of each Omega NW Intern. From the time they enter the program and say “Yes!” to the process, these courageous women who have overcome domestic violence, addiction, and/or incarceration step into a season of preparation for unlimited possibilities. This is a marathon NOT a race…pace is key but SHOWING UP reaps great reward as interns grow in commitment, confidence and capability. As an Omega NW Employment Partner, these are the qualities that All Star Labor & Staffing look for in a future employee. To fully understand the benefits of this partnership, let’s delve into the steps that set Omega NW Interns up for success.

It ALL starts with the “Yes!”  This is the Ready phase of the process. This is where the intern is partnered with mentor and commits to the expectations and accepts full responsibility for showing up for the program, just like Omega NW will CONSISTENTLY show up for them. This is where trust is established as relationship is forged through weekly one-on-one mentorship, offering a simple bible study as an option and ongoing fellowship with their mentor. As an employer, showing up is EVERYTHING. When an employee shows up, that’s their agreement to partner with opportunity. It’s the employee’s commitment to excellence. When an Omega NW intern “graduates” and comes through our doors seeking employment, we know that we’re working with someone who understands this seemingly “lost art.” One cannot hear opportunity knock if they are not there to answer the door. Not being present is risky business, indeed. However, with former Omega NW Interns, we know that we are not partnering with that risk. This allows All Star to move forward with the hope for positive outcomes.

As the old adage goes, “Slow and steady, wins the race.” Steady is defined as “regular, even and continuous development, frequency or intensity.” This truly describes the Steady phase of this journey as the Omega NW Intern embarks on the first 10-week job skills training. It is in this phase that the intern demonstrates the art of showing up as they learn a new set of skills. This is where they also learn new things about themselves and grow in their sense of purpose. The “Yes, I CAN!” spirit resonates as the intern pushes past barriers that were either self-imposed or created by others in an attempt to marginalize their presence in the world. The testimonies birthed out of this season are powerful as each intern learns who they are, whose they are and tell of how they made their way from a dry, barren land to an oasis of hope. Omega NW continues to be that oasis repeatedly by not only allowing their interns to work professionally and pull a wage but to do their work personally as they move towards the TRUTH of who they are in Christ. As an employer, that “work” equates to a work-readiness and a level of confidence that can only enhance one’s ability to secure and maintain employment. That is a hard-fought battle that pays in dividends and creates, over time, a win-win for both the employee and the employer.

Once the Omega NW Intern “graduates” from three 10 weeks internship program, it is GO time! This opens up this next season of promotion beyond the internship where all that was learned is applied as the former intern now becomes an equipped Job Seeker. When they come through the doors of All Star Labor & Staffing, we know they are keenly aware that what we offer is not a hand-up or a hand-out rather it’s a handshake…it’s a partnership for which they are well prepared. We, like every other employer, are looking for two things…attendance and performance. We rely on our employees to show up every day and to work hard because it’s by the employee’s efforts that more doors can and will open. Understanding this simple equation, the Omega NW graduate comes to All Star committed, confident AND now, capable of taking the next steps towards ongoing employment, opportunity and, eventually, a career. 

Being an Employment Partner with Omega NW continues to be a profound joy as we come alongside their graduates in their pursuit of employment. All Star has been delighted and honored to assist and place them in jobs that continue to increase their skills and open up more possibilities. However, before the interns come to us, Omega NW appreciates your donation to grow more internships. Will you prayerfully consider making such a donation today? A woman in search of help and hope needs you! As another adage says, “It takes a village.,” so please join in supporting Omega NW in their endeavor to offer a haven to women desperate for personal, spiritual and professional growth. Help Omega NW change the lives of these women…one internship at a time. They can’t do it with you!