Recently, some of our friends at Building Champions donated their valuable time by working at The Media Foundation, a local non-profit organization. As they describe on their website, “The Media Foundation helps non-profits become sustainable. Powered by a free mobile app, our non-profit partners can now convert donated media (books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, software, and games) into operating capital.”

Photo of Gail Obra, Thomas White, Laurel Emory, and Kristin Moreno of Building Champions.

Pictured from left to right: Gail Obra, Thomas White, Laurel Emory, and Kristin Moreno of Building Champions, as they process books and discs at The Media Foundation, raising capital for Omega Espresso Bar.

They began by sorting through and cataloguing piles of media items. They carefully inspected and cleaned discs to ensure proper playback. Then they scanned each item’s UPC symbol to research online and determine fair resale pricing. Finally they helped process sales of these many media items and assisted in getting them shipped off to eager buyers and collectors.

We are grateful to Gail, Thomas, Laurel, Kristin and many others from Building Champions who unselfishly give of their talents and time to help bring the vision of Omega Espresso Bar into reality.

Interested in helping to raise capital for non-profit organizations like Omega Espresso Bar? Please consider volunteering at The Media Foundation. You may find out more here.