The latest list of buzz words is lengthy and some are downright confusing. There are some terms I do understand and some I don’t. I have had to look up a lot of vocabulary words lately.
One word that I don’t have to look up is HOPE. Another word is VALUE.
Omega has the humble privilege of reminding women of the true meaning of both of these words. I’m talking about the nitty gritty of HOPE in the midst of craziness and VALUE regardless of one’s past or current situation.
My heart grows heavy when I hear of the struggle many women that come to Omega share. Their past is burdensome and it can seem overwhelming. My heart breaks when I hear of the young girls who are daily battling to discover their identity. Some of these young women come from backgrounds that are unstable, without an anchor that holds them and grounds them in who they are. In who they are created to be.
Yet, there is beautiful hope, and each soul has enormous value. Our Creator shows us and promises us.
Let me tell you of two women I know.
One is a young girl that comes from what looks like from the outside, a seemingly ‘normal’ family. However, this beautiful young lady doesn’t know her own value. She is searching for her self-worth. She is changing her name to a mystical make-believe character and hopes others will join her by addressing her as such. I get teary thinking about her future as she struggles to know her value at such a young age.
Another lady lives in the hurt of her past. Her relationships in the workforce have left her wounded and stagnant. She isn’t sure she can work even though she is well qualified. The verbal unkindness she experienced whispers in her head that she won’t measure up and can’t. She just wants a listening ear, for someone to understand.
You, by partnering with Omega get to show what hope looks like. We get to remind each woman of her enormous value. Nothing in one’s past is wasted. Yes, the struggle and the hurt are true and there is always hope. We do this by one-on-one mentorship and job skill training in a safe and welcoming environment.
Thank you for joining us in loving these women. If you know of a woman that needs a bridge back into the workforce and wants to find hope for their future, please reach out to OmegaNW. We would love to walk along side and journey with her.