Do you recall your first day at a new job?

You were probably a mix of excitement and nerves, all tangled up. Despite your confidence and skills, you didn’t totally get what you were doing yet. It was all new and different.

Hold onto that “anxious to do well” feeling for just a bit. We’ll come back to it in a minute.

On Saturday, a few of us got together over at Well & Good Coffee House. Our plan? To pack up some love and encouragement by hand, especially for our new interns.

Image of backpacks in a row

See inside for more love!

These lively, green backpacks carry some antidotes for our interns’ anxiousness on their first days:

Hot pink water bottle: it’s important to stay hydrated (and the color makes it easy to spot.)

Lunch bag: it’s healthier to bring food from home, and more cost-effective too.

Notebook and pen: lots of details to remember on that first day. Best to write each one down.

Tissue packet: chilly autumn weather brings with it runny noses. Good to keep a couple tissues in the pocket.

Surprise item: just a little something for the day ahead, to feel loved.

It’ll be fun for each of our interns to receive a backpack. Inside, they’ll also find a handwritten note.

Writing these notes was the best part of our Saturday group’s time. As you know, a handwritten note is wonderful to receive and to give.

Image of ladies writing notes at a table

Giving the gift of kindness, together

Even though we don’t yet know all our future interns’ names, we know the power of kindness. “You got this,” or, “You are loved,” and other kind words grace each note.

Our Saturday group drew from a wide range of backgrounds and age. But there’s a common thread that runs through our hearts: it’s a privilege to encourage and empower others.

Back to that “anxious to do well” feeling we talked about earlier. That first day is unsettling for sure. But, knowing someone cares about you—that makes such a difference, doesn’t it?

The backpacks are already having the intended positive effect on two of our interns, with more to follow!

You, the team of OEB, helped to pack up love for our interns.

Thank you.