Omega North West Out From the Past

We love to bring good news!

OmegaNW has been busy this summer, meeting with new interns, new partners and mentoring lovely women who are working hard to get out of the loop of a difficult past.

The women we meet come from diverse backgrounds, and yet a commonality we see is the strong desire to move out of their past. YES! And for some, that is scary and lonely. Budgets are new, forms are never ending, calls are continuous, decisions are difficult, and often times they have moved to a new city. Friends are hard to come by and meeting new people can be overwhelming.

And…we enjoy a beautiful front row seat to their journey because partnering organizations connect us to these brave warriors. It is humbling and we are grateful for the opportunity.

Many of our women are coming out of abuse due to domestic violence. They are well cared for by a myriad of other organizations for their safe housing, care for their children and are led gently, step by step to freedom. Abuse takes on many forms, and the one we repeatedly see is the lie of being told she CAN’T move forward. We gently speak truth into her.

If you’ve never been told or shown your value, self-value is hard to find. If freedom to make decisions is taken away, you are held captive to a mindset that hinders your creativity, leaving you with the question of knowing personal desires of happiness. One of our women didn’t feel confident ordering from a menu, because her past abuser always ordered for her.

We have been fortunate to listen to her story as she chooses to unfold it, and to cry with her, encourage her, and to slowly ask the hard questions. We remind her that she is loved, she has value, and she CAN move ahead with support.

Because of your support in the mission of OmegaNW, women are able to afford counseling by professionals who specialize in speaking truth into women from abusive pasts.

Because of your kindness, OmegaNW helped with the repair of a vehicle, enabling a young single mom to have safe transportation to get her kids to school, and herself to work.

Because of your partnership, OmegaNW is able to connect mentors to women who are looking to change their future.
Because of you, women can.