You probably know the word ‘Omega’ as the last letter in the Greek alphabet and its definition as the end. Yet we at Omega also know it as the first name of a sweet little orphan girl in Uganda. We had a most amazing opportunity to go on a short mission trip to Africa, to a place I said I would never travel. But God had other plans and I am so very grateful that He did. Initially the thought of traveling that far away was a frightening one, but as I processed through some reasons why I should go, the idea actually became exciting.

One comfort that helped my decision was knowing that a friend of mine often traveled to Africa, and my new friend Janna had been to Uganda the year before. I knew I would be traveling with a companion who had ‘been there-done that’.

The experience of visiting Uganda was truly life changing for me. Some of the best things are like that, aren’t they? Overwhelming and a bit scary, yet it can turn out to be one of the greatest surprises that we wouldn’t have chosen for ourselves.

That spunky beautiful little girl named Omega stole our hearts from the moment we saw her. I believe we actually heard her first. She was about the age of 3 or 4, and yet already had a determined look and a bold stance as she claimed Janna as “her mzungu’, a reference made for a white person. The two became quick friends and many tears were shed when it was time for us to say goodbye just a few short days later.

As we left the orphanage, we couldn’t help but wonder what would become of little Omega’s future? Would she just be a part of a system or would she be cared for by someone who loved her and called her their own? Would she have someone in her life that would walk with her through those scary decisions?

A few years later, over a cup of coffee, and a ‘what if?’ dialogue, we started thinking about forming an organization that helps women who come from difficult situations. We wanted to walk beside women who were facing unknown future, and who would have questions that seemed scary. We knew it was more than perfect to name it Omega.

For us, Omega not only means an end to the past, it also reflects the hope that we have for all the girls and women who feel alone and uncertain, yet stand with just enough confidence to claim hope in what is theirs.