Image of woman viewing herself in mirror

What does it look like to be loved well?

Knowing someone who loves well is a good feeling! A friend or family member that has your back makes a huge difference.

As we continue forward in our journey of Omega Espresso Bar, we continually realize the importance of these relationships and partnerships. Here are just a few:

We so appreciate the passion of our board members. You bind us together.

Hats off to the local coffee shops’ staff who help train our interns. You rock!

Welcome, new friends who read our blog articles. We’re glad you’re here.

Thank you to those of you who pray faithfully for us and for the women we serve. Your prayers are vital.

Thank you to those of you who support us financially. We are grateful and we are inspired.

We know that you all have our back!

Recently, we sat down with Divine Threads. We made an initial connection with them years ago.

Back then, it was a spontaneous “Let’s go check them out” sort of thing. We just wanted to see what they were doing. And, we hoped to glean some direction and insight from them.

At that stage, we were desperate for any encouragement because this Omega Espresso Bar thing was just an idea. There was no name, no 501(c)(3) status, no beans, and no brew. Just a lot of thoughts in our head and scribbles on napkins!

We drove a few miles out of town, toward rolling hills. The people of Divine Threads welcomed us into their charming farmhouse and treated us with ultimate hospitality. Importantly, they shared great wisdom with us. They impressed upon us the truth that this “little mission of ours” was not ours—at all.

They told us to not be afraid, and that this mission was going to happen. They told us to trust, trust, trust in God.

Even though we had a twinge of “What are we doing?,” we walked out inspired and empowered by Divine Threads’ wise words and kind support. They loved us well!

Little did we know that years later we’d be bringing one of our interns to Divine Threads (let’s call her “Lilly”) for an afternoon of their pampering and focused, loving attention.

It was with a heart of excitement that we left Lilly in their care. The Divine Threads team came alongside and treated Lilly to pampering and bags full of clothing. She was beaming when we picked her up, excited to show us the loot they had given to her.

This sweet woman, Lilly, had been told for years before that her value came from what she looked like. When we asked her one day about her experience as an Omega Espresso Bar intern working at Well and Good Coffee House, Lilly said:

“It is so nice. No one calls me fat or stupid.”

Lilly had come to this place from a world of lies and darkness. Today, she is being shown truth and light. Lilly hears a different voice now. Lilly is inspired and empowered because someone has her back.

She not only hears words of love—she experiences that love.

It’s always been about more than just about the coffee. Lilly shows us why.

We are so delighted to be in partnership with organizations like Divine Threads and with you.

Thank you for loving well!