You’re invited

Reading those words of “You’re Invited’ can be either a heart beat skipper of excitement OR a bring feeling of ‘Oh no, another thing to put on my full calendar.”

Depending on your schedule and your personality, it can be a delight or a frustration.

With this invitation we are hoping you’ll be jumping with joy. This invitation is actually a request of your presence to partner with Omega during this season of reflection, wishes and hope.

We are inviting you to come along side our interns and guide them to their hopeful future. The feeling of personal self-worth is what Omega’s interns experience through their mentorship and internship. They are reminded that nothing is wasted, even the past. The past experiences are quite possibly the catapult to a future of new practices and true hope.

Imagine yourself reflecting on the past with twinges of regret or shame but then being able to look ahead a renewed expectation. Each story of our intern is unique. Yet what is true of each woman we meet is they are ready to leave the past. The passage ahead can look overwhelming at times but knowing that they are not alone makes all the difference in their success. That’s the beautiful journey of Omega’s interns; Expectation. Self Confidence. HOPE. We want to include you in this story. We are inviting you to join this journey. Please walk with us as we give our interns the opportunity to flourish.
Thank you for considering a one time or monthly gift to Omega.

Thank you for celebrating hope with us.

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