There is a great song from the Beatles, titled “Help!”

While the lyrics are a bit of a downer, the premise of this catchy tune (that you will now be humming) is that we all need somebody.

Image of two silhouetted cowgirls holding hands int the sunset

The great news is: we’ve got “somebodies!”

We’ve got you. We’ve got our faithful prayer warriors and financial backers. We’ve got our followers. We’ve got our partnering coffee shops.

If we didn’t have you, we wouldn’t be able to support our interns. Thank you!

What a blessing it is to look ahead and know that in a few weeks, two of our interns will be working again. One is a returning intern who was working at one of our partnering coffee shops, Well & Good Coffee House in Tigard, Oregon USA. She had been thriving at her job, then anticipating the shop’s re-opening after all the pandemic-related closures in March. Good news: Well & Good will reopen in a few weeks and she’ll be back “home.”

Speaking of Well & Good, they are now starring a new owner. They will still have the delicious dishes that you may already know and love, as well as great coffee. We’ve been following the awesome “God story” of how it is all coming together. You can follow along, too, via Instagram: @wellandgoodcoffee.

They are working alongside volunteers who are as excited as we are to get the doors open again. Thanks to all of you who are helping to make this re-opening happen!

Lionheart Coffee is another of our partnering coffee shops. They have done an amazing job of serving to-go orders through this season of pandemic phases. They’ve made and provided literally thousands of free lunches to the community they serve.

Ben Reece, Lionheart’s founder, is a wonderful, bearded force. He opens his heart along with a bucketful of coffee knowledge. He makes exceptional coffee, his staff opens their arms to our interns, giving beautiful courage and teaching coffee-making skills. Both of their retail locations are working hard for the community. Thanks, Ben and Lionheart!

On the other side of town is Intent Coffee Roasters. Just imagine breathing in that wonderful aroma of coffee beans, gently roasting!

Mark Johnson, Intent’s founder, is our guy. He roasts each bean with tender-loving care. Mark even crafted our own OEB Blend of coffee. Intent’s coffee shop in Gresham, Oregon USA is open for business. When you go to Intent, you will be greeted with huge smiles by their kind staff.

Intent’s coffee shop is home for our “Eastside” interns. Intent provides continued mentorship through Michelle, who just happens to be married to the manager. How cool is that? It’s a “two-fer!”

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For those of you who are longtime partners, we so appreciate you being ‘round here.

If you have just discovered Omega, we invite you to be a part of the team. “How,” you say? Thanks for asking!

You can get your coffee at any of our partnering shops we mentioned above.

You can join the team of Omega prayer warriors and financial backers. Your prayers move mountains, and your ongoing giving helps fund our interns’ salaries. You get to help someone’s feet get back on the ground.

Thank you; your partnership with us means so much!