Anna here. I have just settled back into work life after coming back from vacation. It seems that autumn came while I was away.

I don’t know about you, but fall is one of my favorite seasons! I’ve got my work computer desktop theme changed to fall leaves. The house has been decorated accordingly. Bring on the hot cocoa, the evenings spent by the wood fire stove, and the PSL (pumpkin spice latté), for all you pumpkin lovers.

With this change of season, I start thinking Christmas gifts and year-end giving. I realize that I am a bit of a planner, but I work in finances. Planning ahead is something I think about often and makes sense to me.

For some of you who might wait ’til December 20th to think about year-end giving, you have chance to plan ahead this year!

Photo of fabric heart and wrapped gift on wooden background

Your gift warms our heart and changes lives.

Omega Espresso Bar wants to help you finish the year strong. There are easy ways to give—without spending extra:

  1. Many employers have a corporate matching gift program that matches dollar for dollar what you donate. Ask your employer!
  2. AmazonSmile will donate a percentage of many of your Amazon purchases to Omega Espresso Bar. That’s so easy!

We’ve received nearly $300.00 USD so far this year just because many of you like to shop on Amazon. All you need for donating to Omega Espresso Bar through AmazonSmile is right here.

(We recommend connecting to AmazonSmile on any and all of your devices to make sure no matter how you get to Amazon, you are using AmazonSmile.)

As of August 2019, Amazon has donated $144,958,582.84 USD to charities around the world through Amazon Smile. It is fun to monitor the amount that has been donated to OEB so far. Every dollar helps!

Would you please recommend AmazonSmile to your family, friends, and even your employer? Remember, only purchases at will support charity (not or the Amazon mobile apps).

Last but not least, we invite you to participate with us in Giving Tuesday (or #GivingTuesday for you social media types). Giving Tuesday is a global giving movement. The official day this year is Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019. We have already started connecting with many of you in regard to Giving Tuesday.

We have a 2019 year-end giving goal of $3,000.00 USD. Would you consider helping OEB reach this goal by Dec 3rd, 2019?

You may connect with us here, or on social media:

OEB on Facebook

OEB on Instagram

OEB on Twitter

Enjoy this autumn season, and thank you for being a part of OEB!