Feeling full?

It could be you’re having a full week. Or maybe you’ve got a full tummy. Perhaps like us, your heart is full.

Omega Espresso Bar is wrapping up a really cool year. We look back with enormous gratitude for all of you and what you’ve done in these women’s lives. We are “s’mitten” with you, our partners!

Woman making heart symbol with snowy hands
We’re “s’mitten!”

One of our interns just wrote this note to us:

“I had a fabulous day at work today. Thank you for everything.”


Simple words, yet full of meaning. They come straight from her heart—because of you.

Another of our ladies had this to say when we last met with her:

“I feel overwhelmed with gratitude this holiday season. It makes me emotional thinking about how the Lord has blessed me!”


Once again, it’s because of you!

You are making a measurable difference in the lives of others. We get to see it every week! We are so grateful. We get to walk along this journey with these beautiful women. They share stories of their redemption and their hope.

It is our joy to give you a tiny peek into Omega Espresso Bar’s mission, happening right now.

As we come to the end of this really cool year, would you consider giving an additional gift to Omega Espresso Bar? You may do so here.

Your prayers and your financial backing matter. They impact real women with real stories in real ways.

We don’t yet know who our newest intern is, or what her amazing story will become. But, we know that there will be room in our full hearts because of you. Thank you.