Fun things are happening at OmegaNW. Last week we visited the women at UGM Women’s Lifechange Program. Listening to Janna tell her story of redemption and hope never gets old. It was sweet to see the women’s expressions go from “Who are you two?”…. to hearts of interest and understanding. Hope often comes in stages and a variety of shapes and experiences, but when it comes, these women relate to the gift of a hopeful future.

Over coffee and pastries, we were able to answer questions about the purpose and mission of OmeganNW. There’s something about pastry and coffee that eases the mood. We were able to hear their stories, one on one, as they began relax and engage.

One woman, in her early 50’s, escaped a domestic violence relationship and is learning freedom and self-confidence and is dreaming of her own business one day.

Another young women shared a similar story of abuse, but is raising 4 young children on her own. After running for safety from her home and an abusive husband, she had just enough money to rent a hotel for a few nights. When that money ran out, they all ended up sleeping on the streets with her mom who lives in a tent. She realized what her future might be, but was determined to break the cycle. She called and was welcomed at Union Gospel Mission. UGM offers a safe haven for women and their children, teaching them life skills and coping skills, all through the community of their faith in the Father. 

What a joy it was to be able to let them know Omega is ready for them when they graduate from the program. We can offer the next steps in their journey to being self-sufficient, and walk alongside them while they learn job skills. Regardless of their background, the community of love and partnership enables these women to find their self-confidence by breaking strongholds not just for themselves, but also for their children. These women are teaching their children how to be strong even when it is overwhelming and to seek help. They are teaching their daughters to know their value and their sons to be strong, gentle young men. 

The choices these women make has a generational impact, breaking the cycle of hopelessness.