The word "HOPE" written in rusty metal letterpress type sitting on a wooden ledge background.
In the waiting…

A change of plans seems to be the thread that runs through each day for most of us lately.

For someone who thrives with a plan, this is a more than a bit unsettling. It can make one a bit cuckoo.

We all tend to be creatures of habit, making sure that much of what we do feels comfortable. Some of it takes place without much thought, because muscle memory is a real thing. We reach for what is expected to be there—whether it is an object, a friend, or a plan in our day. We set our alarm for the same time, grab the comforting cup of coffee, and drive the same route to the same place.

In this time, I have been having a few sweet, yet heart-breaking conversations with a young lady who has been anticipating a life together with a wonderful man. Even at her young age, she has been expecting that the future would be clear and bright with this certain gentleman.

Her plans are starting to unravel and it is shaking her heart. The investment in the relationship has been three years in the making. It is hard for her to think of life otherwise.

Our interns reflect on their lives quite differently.

There is a time in their lives when they can’t even dream of a future, much less one that is bright. Just getting through a day is enough.

“Once upon a time…,” and “…happily ever after,” are not in their thoughts. Their days are struggles, often seen through the lens of abuse or addiction. Regardless of the reason, their feelings strike a common chord: hopelessness.

But, once a glimmer of hope appears—through a timely conversation or even a determined heart—that glimmer grows and our interns start to make plans for a different life. Their early transformation reaches the ears of the Omega Espresso Bar team through our partnering organizations. We are humbled and grateful to have a small part in helping these women journey toward days filled with success and achievement.

My friend who is struggling through a change in plans with her boyfriend is, by her own words, lacking hope. She doesn’t know it yet, but she’ll find it. Because she is trying. She is seeking answers. Even though it is difficult, she is taking steps to find that hope.

Yes, plans change.

OEB’s plan was to have two interns, and a third in process, working right now in our partnering coffee shops.

The plan was to have our annual fundraising luncheon in May.

The plan was…

Yet, the truth is that there is still hope. It’s there for my sweet young friend as she bumps around a bit, finding her way toward a bright future. And while the program part of OEB looks different in this season, the hope for our interns remains the same. As we continue to walk with them, we trust that we will soon be celebrating hope that doesn’t change.

The impact of your partnership is bringing hope to us, to our interns, and to our mentors. Here are some excerpts from their recent messages to us:

“The kids have really been liking having more time together.”

“God has been so kind and gracious to us. I think we are relieved to be together after an especially stressful year.”

“I’m grateful for what my life looks like currently.”

“Feeling so thankful for my life and family, and for the love our Creator has for us.”