Photo of empty plate and fork of dessert after meal on wooden table

From the beginning, it has been about way more than just our coffee.

The story of Omega Espresso Bar is about the women we seek to love. It is about appreciating their value. It is about giving them a chance to know what it’s like to be loved fully—without labels or titles or what is in their past.

At our May 2018 Benefit Brunch, Omega Espresso Bar shared this vision and our beginnings. (Yes, there’s been more than one of them.) And yes, we had coffee!

We got to tell of our mentorship program currently in progress. We were also able to put ourselves in the shoes of those who have “been there.”

As our brave friends told of their past and their hurt, a thread of collective understanding began weaving us all together. Side by side we stood, profoundly affected by those with unspoken hurts of addiction and abuse.

In these moments, whether “it” happened to us directly or to one we love, we all feel the impact at a deeply personal level, don’t we?

Yet mostly, it was the stories of hope that just lit up the room. And once there is hope, there is purpose.

The purposeful prayers and humbling generosity of those who attended our May 2018 Benefit Brunch allow Omega Espresso Bar to give new beginnings to more women. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Together with you, we get to bring them hope and empowerment.

Now, that makes our coffee taste even better!