Headshot image of Rod Cottis

Rod Cottis serves on the board of Omega Espresso Bar

Editor’s Note: This article is the sixth in a series written by the members of Omega Espresso Bar’s Board of Directors. Each one will be answering questions or sharing why he or she is committed to playing a vital role in Omega’s story as it unfolds.

OEB: Who are you?

Rod: Hello, my name is Rod Cottis. I have worked as a Police Officer, Reserve Deputy, and Transport Deputy for municipalities in the Portland, Oregon USA area.

OEB: What draws you to be a part of Omega Espresso Bar’s cause?

Rod: Nothing has pulled more at my heart-strings than listening to women I have transported to jail tell me of the hopelessness they feel. During their twenty minute ride to jail, these women have told me stories of what’s led them down the path they have chosen. They just cannot see a way out from the lifestyle they are trapped in.

No wonder they find themselves in the back seat of a patrol car!

The women’s stories often start with having been abused as children: sexually, verbally, and / or physically. These girls didn’t have a chance of making it. Their self-esteem and the problems they face as adults are because of the trauma they’ve endured.

Some of their real-life nightmares you just could not imagine. They have no idea what trust or the true meaning of love really is.

OEB: What is your hope for their lives?

Rod: My prayer is this: by partnering with us at Omega and through the power of our Lord Jesus Christ, we will be able to reach out to these women. We can help them to discover healthy self-esteem and to feel truly loved. They can learn to trust others, become trustworthy, and build courage.

Yes, Omega Espresso Bar will have an impact on them. Not only in teaching them job skills, but giving these ladies a sense of love, worth, and trust.

That hope really gets me pumped!