Editor’s Note: This article is a continuation of a series written by the members of Omega Espresso Bar’s Board of Directors. Each one answers questions or shares why he or she is committed to playing a vital role in Omega’s story as it unfolds.

A big Texas “Hey, y’all!”

image of abstract Texas flag

My name is Chuck, and you might remember from my previous post that I serve on the board of OEB. I recently left Oregon and have landed here in Austin, Texas. Quite a change, I have to admit.

The transition from the beautiful Pacific Northwest to the hospitable South is a work in progress, even after six months. I never thought my wife and I would leave Oregon, and our home, our family, and our friends. But that’s what happens—change happens. (And change is exactly what OEB is all about!)

When I was offered a job in Austin, my wife and I had a decision to make:

Do we turn it down and keep searching for work in the Northwest? Or, do we trust that this offer would place us where the Lord wanted to shape the next stage in our lives?

The choice was both hard and easy. It’s hard to move on from something you are used to, especially when the other option is so different. Lots of questions fill your heart and mind:

“Will I succeed?”

“Will we make new friends?”

“Will we lose friends?”

“How will we change and grow?”

image of highway with "Faith" painted across it

Faith is the foundation for our journey.

Over the past few years, OEB has had the opportunity to work with women in need of change. They are women who have taken the first step in healing, who are ready to bridge the gap of a broken past and into the hope of a safe, healthy, and sustainable life.

To be sure, their situations are much different than mine.

Imagine having no shelter, very little or no money, being trapped in an unsafe environment, or addicted to a destructive life cycle. Change needs to happen—must happen.

The women making these changes feel all the same kind of worries I felt, and more!

“Will I succeed?”

“Will I lose or gain friends?”

“Will I be safe?”

“Will I know what to do?”

“Can I trust these people?”

The whole purpose of OEB is to show these women the love of Christ, to mentor them, and to provide a safe environment for their training in life and work skills. Our hope and desire are to help them walk through those worries and that they discover the beauty on the other side.

The Board of OEB is so thankful for all our supporters who have seen the vision of OEB and have partnered with us both financially and through prayer!

We are honored to partner with generous sponsors, faithful prayer warriors, kind donors, and amazing businesses. Together, we create a safe place for these women to gain work experience and opportunity. They get to build confidence, establish healthy self-esteem, and feel the touch of God in their lives!

If you have not yet committed to partnering with OEB, won’t you consider joining us in helping these women discover the beauty on the other side of their worries?

Please contact us. We’d love to discuss your opportunity for impact!