What an amazing opportunity Omega has been given these last few months. We are grateful for each moment to reflect and confirm the vision and mission of Omega.

The vision of Omega remains solid and is laser-focused.

Empowering women to achieve sustainable life.

This statement is the anchor of each decision we make.

Recently we’ve been posting on our blog about the relationships we have with our partnering coffee shops. In addition to YOU, we are blessed to have Lionheart Coffee Co., Intent Coffee Roasting and Well & Good; A Delicious Dish in our corner. These coffee shops have graciously given us a secure place to introduce our interns to job skill training, with grace and encouragement from the mentors and coffee shop staff.

At the core of our vision is the ability to provide job skill training where we know the women will be cared for. Currently, we have had the privilege to volunteer our time to help Well & Good; A Delicious Dish re-open their doors. The partnership with Well & Good; A Delicious Dish allows Omega to continue to provide our interns a safe work environment, in an established location with great leadership.
Our first intern, by no fault of her own, was laid off this spring. Because of her amazing work ethic, and the partnership with Well & Good; A Delicious Dish, she is able to return as a lead barista. Your continued support allows this win-win!!

While we originally envisioned that we’d have our own coffee shop, we are grateful to expand the reach of empowerment through each coffee shop that has opened their hearts to the interns of Omega. The beautiful outcome of this season has also allowed Omega to be clearly reflected by an updated logo and name.

We are now called simply OMEGA.

We also have a new website: OmegaNW.org. You can find Omega’s new mailing address and email us directly from this website!

Celebrate with us! We’d love to sit and chat with you at any of our partnering coffee shops!! It’s not just about the coffee!

mailing address. PO Box 206, Tualatin OR 97062