It is hard to believe that it is March already! Spring is literally around the corner! It is one of my favorite seasons because as we break free of winter’s grip, we embrace what is to come with great anticipation. For in just a few short weeks, days will become longer, temperatures will become warmer, and flowers will begin to bloom. Trees will return to their full splendor adorned with leaves, fruit, blossoms, and provide shade in preparation for the sun’s long-awaited and greatly needed return. Spring is most definitely in the air as we steady ourselves for a season of CHANGE. A season where we look forward to some different things, some things that will challenge us, grow us, and guide us as we prepare for more…CHANGE.
Change is a perspective…it begins in the mind…that place where we are challenged to take ALL thoughts captive and acquiesce our will to One greater. It is where He can spring forth and do a NEW THING. It may not be easy, but change is necessary if we are to move from one season to the next. It is vital to our growth and where we get our promotion as we equip ourselves with the lessons learned and wisdom gathered along the way. Change is the gift we give ourselves when we finally receive the truth and the reality that we cannot evolve into our healed, healthy and hopeful selves without it. Change manifests itself in the way that we love ourselves because it reflects the One who loved us first.
Change is an overarching theme of Omega NW and one of the things I adore about this organization. From the leadership and partners to the mentors, they all lead with love and that love leads to women changed, women empowered and women who experience the heart of the Father through this powerful ministry. Each intern comes with an eagerness to redeem their past by making different choices for their future. To that end, Omega NW creates an encouraging, nurturing environment where opportunities for growth await. As each woman steps into their barista training, each espresso drink brings them closer to living a life of purpose, pride and promise. Each moment spent with their mentor brings them face to face with their value, worthiness and hope. They get an opportunity to look in a “mirror” and see their true beauty…inside and out.
To hear the testimonies of these women is to witness nothing short of a miracle. To hear their stories of how they rose victoriously from the ashes of incarceration, addiction and domestic abuse will inspire the hearer as they consider the incredible strength, bravery and courage it took to accomplish this feat. It inspires me and that is why I support what Omega NW does and how they do it! Many lives have been impacted and more remain! Omega NW needs our support both financially and prayerfully to continuing touching the lives of women who are overcomers. As the adage goes, “Many hands make light work.” To that end, please prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible donation and keep Omega NW in your prayers. Remember, we are ALL being and becoming every minute of every day…your thoughtful donation will help each Omega NW intern explore and expand the limitless possibilities!