Woman Holding Compass

Have you ever been stuck in a perpetual loop that seems as if it would never end? Sometimes it is as simple as getting someone to actually listen to your situation. We need someone that can make a difference and get the job done, correcting the wrong and giving you hope for your solution.

Lately, my experience has been just trying to get the right person on the phone who can actually correct my problem. I’ve been sent from one resource to another ‘Please leave a message’ to another connection, only to hear that I have to start back at the beginning. Grrr and ugh!

I’ve wondered what it is like when you don’t even know who to call. Many times, it is like that for our interns. They have a situation that they want out of, that must have a solution, but they don’t even know where to start.

One of our recent interns wanted to change her future, and we were happy to go on this journey with her. On the surface, things seemed simple and easy. Since she had no prior work experience, we gave her a taste of job skill training at our partnering business. Yet, digging deeper, we saw she needed a little more help.

She needed counseling beyond what we offer through the mentorship program. She needed legal advice that working in a coffee shop wasn’t going to solve. We were able to discover her real needs, because we sat down and listened to her heart.

It took a few coffee dates before her shift to discover the full situation. Her greatest need was knowing she wasn’t alone and that there is help available. While we are confident of Omega’s mission, we are also sure of what we don’t do.

We work with great organizations that have their own niche and provide housing, clothing, or financial aid. But sometimes, these women don’t have someone to point them to solutions. Knowing where to start can be overwhelming for anyone. The networking and partnerships Omega has cultivated are vital to our interns’ success.

We are looking forward to some coffee dates with our partnering organizations and introducing ourselves to women who are seeking help for their future. It is going to be a great year with new interns and new hope. And there’s going to be a lot of coffee while we listen and smiling as we remind them of their value.