Omega Espresso Bar logo 146 x 150Our logo. It’s a visual representation of who we are as an organization, as a people and as a mission. It identifies us and speaks for us. So what does our logo mean? What does it stand for? Read on…

A coffee ring is a messy-sloppy- wet-splash of a comfortable taste of goodness. It reflects the messiness of life – simple, relaxed and real.

And the green bean?

A green coffee bean is the beginning. It is raw. And it can be anything from that condition. It can be kept green, it can be roasted to any degree to bring out its own flavor or combined with other coffee beans for a unique fusion. There are a whole lot of options for a little green coffee bean.

It’s a reflection of potential… Get it?

(Here’s a fun behind the scenes photo of our hand-drawn mock-up before we turned ou logo over to the professionals:)